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MTO has just completed this year-long project which was supported by the Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe ( ) and the International Visegrad Fund  (  The goal of this project was to assist in the development of democratic practices at the grassroots level.  MTO strongly feels that Public Achievement (PA) is one of the most effective ways of enabling young people to be active citizens and to take responsibility for solving problems that are of importance to them.  As a result of this project PA is being implemented in 19 schools or communities in Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.
Last Updated ( Friday, 23 September 2011 )
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ImageImagePublic Achievement (PA) is a civic engagement initiative for young people. It gives young people a democracy framework to learn citizenship skills by doing work of real importance in their own communities. The basic idea behind PA is that young people have the potential to address society’s problems and build a stronger community for everyone.

PA is easy to understand and convey: Young people in a school or community site convene and identify real-life issues significant to them. Next, they form a team around each issue. Working in teams each week and with the help of a coach (often a college student or a teacher), young people design action projects that have a real impact. The coach facilitates group work and helps the young people discover the public skills they need to implement their project. 

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 September 2011 )
Young Palestinian Activists Visit Poland
MTO had the pleasure of hosting a group of Palestinian youth from the Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision).  The nine university students and community activists were in Poland as part of a project organized by the Tischner European University and sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  PalVision implements the Public Achievement Project (called Young Achievement in Jerusalem and the West Bank.  It is clear they have a wealth of experience and proven accomplishments to share with MTO’s PA network.  They were interested in what PA groups in the Balkans and Ukraine were doing and how some form of cooperation might be established. During the visit Splot students had the opportunity to hear firsthand about daily life in the Palestinian Authority and to ask even difficult questions that the guests were quite willing to respond to.
Last Updated ( Friday, 23 September 2011 )
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“We want a world where there is no discrimination between boys and girls, between the able and the disabled, between the rich and the poor. We want a healthy, safe and clean environment suitable for all. And we want a decent education and opportunities for play, instead of having to work.”
The State of the World’s Children 2002 Unicef Publication

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